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Brittany B

I visited this evening and was beyond impressed. This was my first time ever eating fufu and it will certainly not be my last. Tasty food and very friendly staff.


I love the banku and peanut soup with goat and fish. The people are cool as well. Will come here again

Food is life

I've order here one time (the palmnut soup)and let me tell you I'm a Liberian girl this food is the closest to Liberian food it can get lol and I like it I'm yet to try half the menu╦ť. . the staffs are nice and friendly, clean environment., check it out

Mr P

This is the First Ghana Restaurant ve ever been, fall in Love with the Food and strongly recommend you to go, quality, fresh, African flavored, - i m love with a beautiful young lady from Ghana- and i went to learn more of her fabulous true heritage, going to Accra soon.


Awesome fresh food. Had to have more the next day.


Food made entirely from scratch, very filling; I am usually a big eater but I had to bring half of my food home!


Came with a group of friends, including someone who'd done Peace Corps in Ghana and who could show us the ropes. But even if she hadn't been there, the staff was incredibly friendly, both to her and us newcomers who were completely clueless about Ghanaian cuisine.


The atmosphere was rustic with light African music playing in the background. It's just perfect for the Ghanaian cuisine served here. If you're interested in Ghanaian food, this place is a must-try.